Life-saving anti-virus lid for soda cans — Boing Boing Gadgets

Over on Boing Boing Gadgets, our Joel has turned up an award-winning design for an "Antivirus lid" for soda cans: it's a plastic, locking, non-removable lid that fits over old coke cans and turns them into safe disposal receptacles for used biohazard sharps.

The cap's yellow color is a nearly universal indicator of biohazardous waste, and the thick, large overhang on its edges protects users' hands from being stuck by the needles being discarded, as well as preventing liquid splashback. Made in collaboration with SP-Moulding, a plastics molding company in Juelsminde, Denmark, the cap is designed to be disposed of with the can, eliminating another danger to handlers. And even small children's fingers cannot pass through the opening meant for needle tips.

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