Strobe shots of porcelain figurines disintegrating

The Morning News's Martin Klimas takes remarkable photos of shattering porcelain figurines — he drops them in a dark room and uses a sound-sensitive camera and strobe to get pix of them just as they disintegrate.


(via Plastic Bag)

Update: Adam sez, "Back in 2005 me and my friend Lars Erik decided to make a magazine as our final thesis project at Westerdals School of Communication in Oslo, Norway. We sold some advertising, got a great paper sponsor, printed 2000 copies and manually distributed every last one free of charge.

For one of my favorite features we celebrated the inevitable fate of a porcelain cup: death. For a split second just before loosing all functionality, these cups live more than they ever have before, in a flash of fragmented energy. I called every manufacturer and distributor of porcelain in Norway and managed to convince some of them to donate some cups to us.

Our approach to photographing this split second was far more primitive than Martin Klimas' though, we had to rely on some borrowed lights and perfect timing."