Mid-day short links snackbar

  • BB reader Meredith says, "This guy (my roomate, in fact) has made these awesome PCB (printed circuit board) skull bracelets."

  • BB Gadgets: Apple's $100 store credit thing is now live.
  • Here's an article in Der Spiegel about German people who fetishize Native Americans.
  • Lacrosse, Kansas, is the barbed wire capital of the world, and home of the Kansas Barbed Wire Collectors Association. The Kansas Barbed Wire Museum is currently closed for the season but their competition, the "Devil's Rope Museum" in Texas, is not — in case you get a hankerin' for such hard-to-find titles as "The Fencin' Tool Bible".
  • The Indian government has withdrawn a controversial report which questioned the existence of the Hindu god Ram. The report was filed to allow for the construction of a canal wich would destroy Lord Ram's bridge – a natural formation that some conservative Hindus believe was built by Ram and his army of monkeys.
  • "What 'The Sopranos' taught me about technology." (plus, a quiz)
  • Prince announces his intent to sue YouTube and other video and music websites for unauthorized use of his work, in an attempt to "reclaim his art on the Internet".
  • Flowchart: all the historic influences that led to creation of the Laugh Out Loud Cats.
  • Trent Reznor on his Australian label: "I've garnered a hardcore audience that you think it's OK to rip off? Fuck you!"

  • David Pogue's latest New York Times piece asks why customers purchasing some ringtones based on music tracks are being asked to pay three times as much for a 30-second, time-limited excerpt than they would for the entire work.

  • Check into Cash into Tequila. BB reader Rob Cockerham says, "After noticing the apparent proximity of liquor stores to check cashing places, I got out and measured twelve of them. The average distance was less than 200 steps."

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