Oh, if only we knew what these ads are trying to say.

The recently-released ad campaign (left half of image) for Tom Ford's new fragrance for men is anything but ambiguous. But what's funniest about this is an oddly similar internet site (at right) hawking "Vulva" perfume with identical product placement.

The name, the ad copy (a "beguiling vaginal scent"), and the url, (smellmeand.com) all scream "hoax." Now that I've seen the Ford ad, though, sheesh, I'm not so sure.

Link to Adrants' blurb about the Ford campaign, and here's the other vajayjay ad (NSFW, contains nudity and stuff).

Bonus: Don't miss the super cheesy video on that "Vulva" site, and take a peek at the html keywords in the header if you want to learn a ton of dirty words in Italian, German, and other languages I can't recognize. I don't know what the hell "bacak arasi," "koku," "insankokusu," or "yarak" mean, but I have a feeling they'd make the pope blush. (thanks, Susannah Breslin!)

Update: A number of BB readers wrote in to school us on these foreign terms tucked away in the headers on the "Vulva" website. Erin Yazgan says,

"Bacak arasi," "koku," "insankokusu," and "yarak" are all Turkish words/phrases, meaning "inner leg," "smell," "human smell," and "cock (or any other derogatory term for penis)".