University student tasered at John Kerry Speech (video)

Foozymandias says:

Picture 9-11
I couldnt get to my camera in time to record his entrance, but this guy basically comes running in with 4 or 5 cops in tow and says he has been running around trying to get in to ask a question and the cops are going to arrest him for it. They almost do it then but Sen. Kerry says he will answer it. He then answers a previous question someone else asked (I cut that part out because it isnt important to this video) then the guy asks his questions and when he is done all hell breaks lose.

To the cop haters: I have no doubt the cops were going exactly by the book, the problem isnt them, its the book! they were doing their job and looked just as confused as this kid (This isn't something that they deal with often).

As the kid writhes on the ground screaming for mercy, Kerry drones on in his school-principal-on-thorazine style.