Celebrate OneWebDay and celebrate the Internet

This Saturday is the second annual "One Web Day." Susan Crawford writes,

The idea behind OneWebDay (happening for the second time this year) is to encourage people to think of themselves as responsible for the internet, and to take good and visible actions on Sept. 22 that (1) celebrate the positive impact of the internet on the world and (2) shed light on the problems of access and information flow.

Local OWD celebrations include a "Day of fair access to the Internet" in Colombia, where public kiosks and workshops on basic internet access will be delivered to people of all ages and economic status to introduce them to the internet.

In Africa, ISOC Benin will offer free public access to the internet and participate in an open debate about developing access to the Internet on a national television show. In Ethiopia, cybercafes in Addis Ababa will make available connected computers to the public at a discounted rate on 22 and 23 September 2007. Volunteers will help people who are new to the internet in creating their accounts and show them how to use the web. And lots more.

In NYC, there will be an OWD event in Washington Square Park from 3pm to 4pm on 9/22. Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia), Andrew Baron (Rocketboom), Dana Spiegel (NYCWireless) and others will be speaking.

Tim Berners-Lee made a video in honor of OWD.

We know about other OWD events in Poland, Bulgaria, Belgium, Ecuador, Israel, Italy, Taiwan, the UAE, and some Pacific Islands, as well as other places in the US. The complete list we know about is here.

How can you participate in OneWebDay? Leave some part of yourself online – do a video about how the internet has changed your life and upload it to blip.tv, youtube, or dotSUB.com tagged "onewebday2007." Teach someone how to edit a wiki. Other suggestions are here.


(Thanks, Susan!)