Steampunk Magazine #3

Issue three of Steampunk Magazine is out — this is the quarterly, CC-licensed magazine of all things steampunk (build tips, photography, fiction, essays, interviews, fashion…). You can buy issues (including 1 and 2) for $3 each, or download the whole thing free as PDFs (also: check out the badass steampunk Etsy shop!). I'm still downloading issue 3 to read on the two week's worth of travel I embark upon today, but at 45MB, I'm guessing it's chock fulla steamy goodness. Futurismic notes "In this issue there are interviews with Alan Moore and Doctor Steel, two excellent and unique sewing projects, excerpts from the upcoming SteamPunk's Guide to the Apocalypse, and fiction from Olga Izakson, Will Strop and Rachel E. Pollock."


(via Futurismic)

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