Chinese MMO bans in-game gender-bending

Ken sez, "In China, the massively multiplayer online game King of the World has banned all accounts of men who play female characters, and is requiring players to validate their gender via webcam in order to play females. (I wonder if women can play male characters w/o validation). Aurora Technology, the maker of the game, apparently stipulates in the Terms of Service that only female gamers can play female characters in the game."

Shanda (Nasdaq: SNDA) subsidiary Aurora Technology has frozen game accounts of male players who chose to play female in-game characters in its in-house developed MMORPG King of the World, reports 17173. Aurora stipulates that onl1y female gamers can play female characters in the game, and it requires gamers who chose female characters to prove their biological sex with a webcam, according to the report.


(Thanks, Ken!)