New issue of Comic Art Annual


I just cracked open the new issue of Comic Art Annual, the gorgeous "mook" (magazine/book hybrid) edited by Todd Hignite and published by the artisans at Buenaventura Press. The reason I love Comic Art is that their coverage of this medium is incredibly deep but not "insidery" in the slightest. Instead, they share in the excitement of discovering obscure-yet-amazing cartoonists, hearing about contemporary artists' influences and obsessions, and reproducing rare strips, panels, and art for posterity. Each issue is like a course in comic art appreciation. The current issue, #9, includes Adrian "Optic Nerve" Tomine interviewing Gilbert "Love and Rockets" Hernandez, the evolution of Plainclothes (later "Dick") Tracy, Aline Kominsky-Crumb's "Why I Wrote Only About Myself," and much more. Shrinkwrapped with this issue is Ivan Brunetti's wonderful mini-book "Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice." Even if you don't think you dig comix, you will after reading this magazine. The Comic Art Web site features sample spreads to whet your appetite.
Link to Comic Art site, Link to buy Comic Art #9 (Thanks, Alvin Buenaventura!)

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