Titan missile silo for sale

Got $1.5 million lying around? You can buy this Titan Missile Silo and wait out the apocalypse. Not sure where the silo is, but the real estate agent (who wants a $10,000 "earnest money" escrow before he'll show it to you) has an Orange County 949 area code.

The Missile Base consists of 57 acres of real estate. The center secured portion of the property is protected by the original barbed-wire-topped chainlink fence. There is a paved road leading into the property with dual entry gates.

Above ground is the original 40 X 100 shop building, two concrete targeting structures, two manufactured homes, two 8 X 8 X 40 storage containers, and the silo tops of the three missile silos, two antenna silos, one entry portal and a few other misc structures.

Below ground is a huge complex consisting of 16 buildings and thousands of feet of connecting tunnels. The major underground structures are:

Three – 160' Tall Missile Silos

Three – 4 story Equipment Terminal Buildings

Three – Fuel Terminal Buildings

Two – 6 story Antenna Silos

One Air Intake/Filtration Building

One 100' diameter Control Dome Building

One 125' diameter Power Dome Building

One – 6 story Entry Portal Building

and a few other misc buildings and areas.


(via Futurismic)

Update: In the comments, the Good Reverend sez, "Not only is it for sale, but it's listed on eBay.

It's part of the former Larsen Air Force Base in central Washington."