Short links smorgasbord

  • "What do an executed prisoner from Texas, a former UN official and an
    eccentric Cornish aristocrat have in common? They've all had their death
    masks made by sculptor and Alabama 3 member Nick Reynolds." Link. (image above: Linda Nylind/Guardian UK)

  • Smoking weed during a brain scan is harder than it sounds: Link (Wired Science).

  • A roundup of corporate workplace surveillance techniques. Yes, your boss is spying on you. Link (Popular Mechanics)

  • Here are some surprisingly lifelike rat and fish shoes: Link. Here is a discussion of trippy-ass shoes with backward heels: Link. (manolo the shoeblogger)

  • What better new weapon to fight AIDS/HIV in Ethiopia than coffee-flavored condoms: Link, here's the organization that produces them: Link (EthioBlog).

  • sexuality guide Cory Silverberg says, "Last year I read on BoingBoing about comedian Cathy Carlson who was denied
    a trademark for her "You Cum Like A Girl" t-shirts: Link. I've blogged about the sad ending to this tale here (she appealed and lost). Link."

  • REDRUM cupcakes made in honor of Stephen King's 60th birthday. Link.
  • I was listening to old Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan records the other night while working (sort of) on my laptop, and idly searched for "qawalli" on Flickr in a moment of procrastination. Flickr led me to these lovely photos taken by Akshay Mahajan of qawalli musicians at a mosque in his hometown of Mumbai, India. I especially love this shot of the Sufi singer's personal effects, and the black and white shot below. Akshay has a post about the scene he shot, here: Link. More about the music here.

    (Thanks, Siege, sabrina, Emeka Okafor, Manolo, Instapundit)!