Nokia taunts Apple lockware phone with posters for "open" N-series

Nokia is plastering NYC (and elsewhere?) with cheeky ads taking aim at Apple's locked iPhones. Not only does Apple prohibit installing third-party apps on the iPhone, but some users who modded their phones discovered that Apple's latest "update" actually bricked their phones, rendering them useless (and Apple says that modding your phone voids your warranty).

Nokia's N-series phones are designed to run third-party code, and Nokia encourages users to mod their phones (though, of course, Nokia's phones all come with a software switch that allows mobile companies to lock them to a single carrier). I've been seriously considering buying an N95, as I'm in the market for a new smartphone (my old N93 — a giant hunk of junk to begin with — is about to die). I've heard good things about the phone, except for battery life, which is apparently a real problem.

The other phones I'm thinking of are the Neonode (looks good, but I can't find one to play with and that's a lot of money to spend on a phone I haven't actually seen), or possibly an old StarTAK with a shoulder-holster (!). I missed my chance to get an Open Moko. Anyone got a phone they love? Especially something that'll synch reliably with my Evolution calendar?

Or better yet, does anyone have a phone that I can just load an .ics and .vcard file onto? I don't really care about synching this info — I just want to carry the data around on a portable device.

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(via Gizmodo)