Winners of 2007 Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge

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The journal Science and the National Science Foundation have announced the winners of their fifth annual Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge. Seen here is one of the tied first place winners in the photography category. Created by Kai-hung Fung of Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, the image is a computed tomography (CT) view up someone's nose. From Science:

A computed tomography (CT) scan from a 33-year-old Chinese woman being examined for thyroid disease provided the raw data for Fung's rendering. He stacked together 182 thin CT "slices" to create a 3D image looking upward at the sinuses from underneath the head.

Fung chose to use the patient's CT images for his rendering, he remembers, because "[she had] a very straight nasal septum and wavy maxillary sinuses; … the anatomy was exceptionally beautiful," he says.

Link to see all the winners (Thanks, Mike Liebhold!)

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