Photographing totem poles forbidden without permit

Hart says: "The city of Duncan on Vancouver Island, British Columbia isn't allowing anyone to take pictures of their 80 totem poles, without the city's permission – because of copyright(!?!?).

This is an article from one of Canada's national newspapers The Globe and Mail about it…"

200710041215The city policy, created this summer, states that "the use of the totem images in any form requires approval from the City of Duncan." Applicants have to complete a form detailing how totem pole images will be used.

After living in China for three years, and seeing how personal rights were violated, Mr. Langevin, who designs learning materials and is well-versed in copyright law, gets a little "touchy" when excessive rules, such as the totem policy, are enacted. "It borders on extortion," he said.

Here are a bunch of nice photos of the totem poles on Flickr. (Shown above, a thumbnail of Josky_TW's beautiful photo which captures four of the totem poles.)