Inside an Airbus A380 superjumbo plane

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Our friends at Telstar Logistics took a special tour deep in the bowels of an immense Airbus A380 Superjumbo airliner, the largest passenger plane in the world. This bird has two levels, four engines, and holds 853 people when configured for maximum capacity. According to Todd Lappin, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telstar Logistics, "This is MSN 009 — the ninth A380 airframe to roll off the assembly line in Toulouse, France — and it was configured for test flights, not passenger service. In other words, it lacked amenities like carpets and wall-coverings. The plane was hollow, but for a few seats, plenty of electronic equipment, and several dozen water jugs installed to simulate the weight of a passenger load. So, while the aircraft looked different than it will when we first fly aboard an A380 — Singapore Airlines will take delivery of its first A380 later this month — few of us will ever again have the opportunity to see an A380 buck-naked."


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