Lowrider Magazine #1 from 1977 — complete scan


Iowahawk says: "Digging through my magazine stash yesterday, I found a pop-cultural artifact that might be of interest – the very first issue of Lowrider Magazine from January 1977."

I've written before about my admiration for lowriders and lowrider culture; but when it comes to chronicling the ranfla lifestyle, the real horse's mouth is Lowrider Magazine. After a humble birth in 1977 San Jose as a one-color mag distributed at area car shows, Lowrider has grown into an publishing institution with over 1.5 million readers worldwide, and spinoff publications like Lowrider Bike, Lowrider Truck, Lowrider Arte and Lowrider Euro.

As luck has it, in my magazine stash I have a copy of that very first issue: Lowrider Magazine #1, January 1977. Return with us now to those thrilling Cheech & Chong days of yesteryear, and enjoy a few hits.