Blab! show tomorrow night (10/11/07) in St Louis

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Monte Beauchamp's Blab! art show is coming to St. Louis. The show opens at 6pm on October 12, 2007.

Philip Slein Gallery

1319 Washington Avenue

Saint Louis MO 63103

BLAB! is an annual coffee-table publication and showcase of fine arts, illustration, and sequential art, and a gold-standard in the world of the professional visual arts. Many of BLAB!'s contributors through the years have gone onto huge success in the gallery world.

The artists in this exhibition include:

Gary Baseman,
Greg Clarke,
Drew Friedman,
Fred Stonehouse,
Travis Louie,
Tom Huck,
Ryan Heshka,
Esther Pearl Watson,
Teresa James,
Chris Pyle,
Walter Minus,
Laura Levine,
Richard Beard,
Travis Lampe,
Kevin Scalzo

(Shown here: "Saul," by Travis Louie)