How bloggers blog in Cuba

Michael Orbach says: Here's an International Tribune article about blogging in Cuba, which I believe is somewhat illegal. Bloggers dress up as tourists, speak foreign languages and secretly use hotel Internet lines (natives Cubans aren't allowed).

Once inside the hotel, [Yoani] Sánchez [Google translated version of Sánchez' blog here] has to write fast. Not because she fears getting caught, but because online access is prohibitively expensive. An hour online costs about $6, the equivalent of a fortnight's pay for the average Cuban.

Independent bloggers like Sanchez have to build their sites on servers outside Cuba, and they have more readers outside Cuba than inside.

That is not surprising, since only 200,000 Cubans of the 11 million on the island have access to the World Wide Web, the lowest rate in Latin America, according to the International Telecommunication Union.