CNN's Glenn Beck: "people who hate America" losing homes in So CA wildfires

CNN's Rush Limbaugh knockoff, Glenn Beck, made a particularly intelligent comment on his radio show yesterday:

I think there is a handful of people who hate America. Unfortunately for them, a lot of them are losing their homes in a forest fire today.

You stay classy, Glenn Beck. At least one person dead, ten firefighters injured, at least a thousand homes destroyed, 100,000 acres burned, 250,000 Jesus, HALF A MILLION people evacuated from their homes, 10% of San Diego population displaced, the largest internal evacuation in America since Katrina.

Nothing more America-loving than sneering at your fellow countrymen while they run fleeing with their children and families from giant wildfires destroying their homes.

And Beck's comment is particularly astute, given that some of the areas suffering greatest damage happen to skew conservative/GOP-voting, not to mention proximity to some of our nation's largest military installations. Link.

Don't bother visiting our scorched 'hood, buddy, because I suspect there are a bunch of Marines and firefighters here who'd like to offer you a tall, cold glass of whupass.

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