John K. shows you how to draw Bugs Bunny — video

Multi-part video series teaches you how to draw a frame from Tex Avery's "Heckling Hare," episode of Bugs Bunny.

200710231541[Animator Rod] Scribner loves to draw lots of extra wrinkles and brow folds on his characters, yet he still keeps them appealing and solid. They are not just arbitray lines and details floating around on the head. They make sense.

They wrap around the structure of the head and they describe certain things-expressions, eyebrows.

At first glance all the wrinkles make the drawing look complicated, but if you break it down to it's forms first, then it will help you understand the drawings better.

Scribner uses the same classic principles that Bob McKimson and all the old animators used, but he applies them to his own style.