Gabe & Max: now YOU can ask them how to get the Dream Life of YOUR Dreams.

Last week on an episode of Boing Boing tv, we featured an infauxmercial by Gabe Delahaye and Max Silvestri about How to Get the Dream Life of Your Dreams Using the Internet..

Since airing that episode, we've been overwhelmed with messages (bing bong, you got your emails) from viewers who wanted to know how they could get more out of the Internet with new technologies like blobs, and emails, and Myspaces such as the MySpace and Friendsters.

So we reached out to Gabe & Max and asked if they'd conduct a sort of internet video advice session JUST FOR BOING BOING. They agreed.

Now comes the excellent part: You, yes you, for the low low price of zero dollars, can ask your VERY OWN QUESTIONS to Gabe and Max using this internet comments form on this very post.

Act now and Ask now! Gabe & Max will answer you in a future episode of Boing Boing tv.

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