Actics: social networking for "ethical" businesses


My friend Jens-Martin Skibsted, co-founder of the amazing Biomega bicycle company, and economist Nicolai Peitersen have launched, a site that TreeHugger has dubbed the "ethical facebook." Basically, it allows companies who act right to show off their ethical values and those who might need their services to find them more easily. You can browse members by their values, such as environmentalism, integrity, openness, tolerance, transparency, and confidentiality. Jens-Martin first talked to me about this project two years ago and I'm thrilled that he and Nicolai have brought it to fruition.

Here's what TreeHugger had to say about

How does is work? Like with any other social network, you register and define who you are for your profile. Since this one is all about actions and ethics, you get to choose your corporate or personal values and state how you act them out. It is then up to your friends, clients or investors to rate you out of 100 for how true you are to your values. To help you out, they can also send you suggestions and endorse you. A great feature of this software is that a plugin, showing your ethical performance, can be integrated into your website or your company's intranet if you want to share your results with a bigger network.

Link to Actics, Link to TreeHugger post