Boing Boing tv: Flaming Tuba with David Silverman / Tapir Massage

In today's episode of Boing Boing tv:

Simpsons director David Silverman plays his flaming tuba for us. He built the propane-fueled "Tubatron" himself with help from pyro expert pals, and he puffs out a few bars of the Simpsons theme song. You can catch him and the flammable sousaphone in action at parades from time to time, and every year at Burning Man. (0:00-2:30)

And finally, a (cough) happy ending for the week: BB co-editor Mark Frauenfelder visited the Los Angeles Zoo and watched a zookeeper massage a grateful Tapir. We should all be as blissed-out as this odd-toed ungulate. (2:47-3:28)