Cosmetic surgeon will point your ears?

A Dr. Lajos Nagy claims that his cosmetic surgery technique of pointing ears Spock-style can actually "improve the experience of listening to music." According to his Modern Plastic Surgey website, Nagy practices cosmetic surgery in New York City but will soon introduce his "Music Faun" method in his native Hungary. I've seen extreme body mod practitioners with pointed ears but I'm not entirely convinced that a licensed surgeon would publicly offer such a service (yet).

From Nagy's Web site:

Why are pointed ears more sensitive?

One of its reasons is rather simple: pointed ears focus sounds in a better way, which, in the case of animals, is supplemented by the fact that they can orientate themselves towards the source of sounds without turning their heads, by moving only their ears.

The other reason is the own frequency of the pinnae, as being solid objects themselves, which changes together with their shape. Pointed ears resonate with sounds at the frequency of around 8 kHz, thus they amplify sharp sounds instead of the intermediate frequencies. This is the reason why, amongst other things, dogs are sensitive to ultrasonic sounds, which are imperceptible for human ears.

Although turning the pinnae still remains impossible for human beings according to its anatomic features, the advantages of pointed ears can be enjoyed once again with the help of a simple, routine operation.

Be the next to sharpen your hearing!

Link (via The Presurfer)

UPDATE: As suspected, this is likely a hoax. Check the comments. Link