Poll about belief in strange phenomena

According to a new Associated Press/Ispos poll of 1,013 adults in the US, approximately one out of three people believe in ghosts, 19 percent in spells or witchcraft, 48 percent in ESP, and 34 percent in UFOs. Meanwhile, 23 percent claim to have "seen or believed (they) were in the presence of a ghost," 14 percent say they have sighted a UFO, and only five percent have "seen a monster in the closet of (their) bedroom." The low positive response to that last question is probably because the poll did not inquire about monsters seen under the bed, which is where the 82 percent of bedroom monsters actually reside. From the Associated Press:

One in five say they are at least somewhat superstitious, with young men, minorities, and the less educated more likely to go out of their way to seek luck. Twenty-six percent of urban residents – twice the rate of those from rural areas – said they are superstitious, while single men were more superstitious than unmarried women, 31 percent to 17 percent...

Generally, women were more superstitious than men about four-leaf clovers, breaking mirrors or grooms prematurely seeing brides. Democrats were more superstitious than Republicans over opening umbrellas indoors, while liberals were more superstitious than conservatives over four-leaf clovers, grooms seeing brides and umbrellas.

Link to AP article, Link to AP/Ipsos Poll results page