Yamanote Halloween train party

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This gent in this video is wearing a Hello Kitty mask while enjoying a cigarette and a beer. He's one of many Japanese and gaijin who attended to last year's "Yamanote Halloween Train Party."

But this year's party, held on October 28th, has "ignited a huge anti-foreign backlash from the Japanese blogosphere," according to Japan Probe.

Some facts:

  • There were perhaps 200 to 250 foreigners present, most of them Caucasian. There was also a number of Japanese participants, most of them Japanese women.
  • After getting on the train, the party-goers became drunk and loud, shouting in English and becoming aggressive towards a few Japanese.
  • At some point, an idiot removed or disabled the lighting in the train car, forcing the train to make an emergency stop at Shinagawa station, where police forced everyone out of the train and tried to see what had gone wrong with the lights. It is unclear whether this put an end to the party, or if it continued afterwards.

Here's an interesting letter of complaint about the unruly party:

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