New term for creationists: "cdesign proponentsists"

MAKE senior editor Phillip Torrone reviewed NOVA's Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial.

200711091301When the advocates of Intelligent Design during the trial said that the book "Of Pandas and People" had nothing to do with creationism, they lied; it turned out the original drafts were all about Creationism. After the drafts were subpoenaed (thousand of pages) it was discovered that a simple search and replace was used to change the text from creationism wording to something, well, less creationism sounding. It was changed because the Supreme Court in 1987 ruled it was unconstitutional to teach creationism in public schools. When I say "search and replace" I really mean they found examples of where the words didn't exactly get changed enough. You can see it here…

Wherever the word "creationists" appeared it was replaced with "cdesign proponentsists" – that's merely creationists without the "reation" and with "design" and "proponents" replaced in.