Gutsy ad-campaign for Buckley's vile, foul, miraculous cold-remedy

Jason sez, "This week, graphicology highlights an old campaign for Buckley's cough syrup. You have to hand it to the courageous marketing director who OK'd compairing it to the taste of trash bag leakage' in one radio spot, and to a 'public restroom puddle' in another TV commerical. Links to the creative is supplied."

Yes, it's a cool campaign, but the reason it's on Boing Boing is that Buckley's is my secret weapon in my war against infirmity. I can't survive through a cold without shots of the vile, milky fluid that tastes like liquid mothballs and battery acid. When I moved from Canada to the US, I brought along a huge cache of the stuff, and then again when I moved to the UK. Now I hear you can get Buckley's at some US pharmacies, which is great news for anyone with a sore throat, phlegmy chest, hacking cough and runny nose.


(Thanks, Jason!)