Today on Boing Boing Gadgets


Today on Boing Boing Gadgets, we saw this clever food warmer for use on radiators, a scooter that is crafted from old steel appliances (lovely as you'd expected), a prototype laptop cover partially in bamboo, a mourning dove I captured with my Birdcam, a simple but useful wireless keyboard with trackpad, some nice art being used to promote the Zune MP3 player from Microsoft, an old Intellivision game from Jack LaLanne, ten pleasantly substantial off switches, electric heated insoles (which a reader notes may be poorly made), my frustrated first minutes with the Zune 2, a new over-the-shoulder camera holder from Lowepro, the first alien lesbian sex scene in videogamedom, and a dustpan with a vacuum.

Then a few deals, most of which are stale, and a little links clean up. Kippis!