Miro 1.0: the free and open future of video on the net

Today (today!), I am thrilled to announce that Miro, the open and free video player, has gone 1.0, and launched in a polished, slick package for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Miro (formerly Democracy Player) is the open and free alternative to Joost, Windows Media Player and iTunes for getting, watching and organizing your video. In place of DRM and proprietary formats, Miro uses the VLC video-engine to play practically every video format under the sun. It has over 2,700 channels of free content (and does extensive outreach to indie creators to get their material front-and-center in Miro's excellent channel-guide). And it uses BitTorrent to download, which means that the creators you love won't get clobbered by bandwidth bills when their videos get popular.

Thanksgiving is coming, and many of us will be heading back to our parents' place for the holidays. Now would be a great time to install Miro on your folks' computer and subscribe them to a couple of great channels — get them used to the open and free habit, and turn them on to great stuff.


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(Disclosure: I am a proud member of the Participatory Culture Foundation's Board of Directors)