Muirhead's London guide, 1928

Eric sez, "This PDF contains the front cover and a transcription of the first thirty pages from 'Muirhead's Short Guide to London,' published 1928."

SUNDAY is longer so dull as it used to be for the stranger in London. The Sunday
quiet affords an excellent opportunity for studying the buildings and topography of the
City (p. 85), and the explorer may pay a morning visit to the animated Jews' market in
and about Middlesex St. (p. 140; beware of pickpockets). At the opposite end of the
town takes place the 'Church Parade' in Hyde Park (p. 48). On Sun. afternoons many
museums and galleries are open, bands play in several of the parks, offering a counter-
attraction to the Sunday orators (comp. p. 48), and coaches and excursion brakes ply to
resorts in the environs. The cinemas (p. xxxvi) are open from 6 p.m.; concerts are
frequent; and many hotels and restaurants provide musical and other entertainments at
dinner. Sunday is a favourite day for boating-excursions on the Upper Thames (p. 233),
and, though the custom of 'week-ending' in the country draws off a number of
Londoners, Sunday evening is popular for dinners and other social gatherings.

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