David Lynch's "invincible university" effort off to bad start in Germany

Dave says:

"Film director and Transcendental Meditation devotee David Lynch was lecturing in Berlin, and decided to invite his friend Raja Emanuel Schiffgens to address the audience. The audience goes nuts when Schiffgens starts promising [in German, which Lynch does not understand] an 'invincible Germany' which 'unfortunately,' Hitler failed at creating."

Picture 3-76"We want an invincible Germany! Invincible Germany" exclaims the "Raja of Germany", dressed in a white robe and golden little crown.

"What do you mean?" cries the audience. "Hitler wanted an invincible Germany as well!"

"Yes, but unfortunately he didn't succeed!"

David Lynch later responded on his foundation website by stating: "David Lynch here. I don't want to have anything to do with Hitler. We all know he was not a good person who did terrible things."

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