Mole Men imagined by Ape Lad / Mole Crunk

In our last episode, John Hodgman gave us a sneak peek at his next book in progress, which includes mysteries of mole men. What do they look like? We don't know, the book's not finished. But Hodgman did share some of their names with us.

Florida-based artist Adam "Ape Lad" Koford drew some of the 700 hobo names recounted in Hodgman's last book, so we asked him to imagine the mole-men for today's BBtv episode.

Next, kick back with some earthworms and Stoli, and dig the smooth underground sounds of DJ Mole-licious. This "mole crunk" track was written and rapped by BBtv segment producer Russ Gooberman, with music by BBtv associate editor Laura Lopez. What set you from, homie? 6.02 x 10^23.

Link to video, lyrics, MP3 of mole rap, and comments.