Today on Boing Boing Gadgets


Today on Boing Boing Gadgets we saw these two fantastic (if I do say so myself) life-sized plush Weighted Companion Cubes that will be awarded as the grand prizes at this year's Funde Razor (human test subject not included), an electric knife sharpener that might not suck, Verizon's intriguing announcement that they will be opening up their wireless network to various and sundry devices, a clever and inexpensive way to turn iPod nano packaging into a speaker, Hello Kitty bike tires, an expensive aluminum sled with a shock absorber, a web game from Democrats about Missouri governor Matt Blunt, awesome branch-like wine decanters, the next thing in anti-mugger weaponry, Pigantics, an amazing gallery of retro flashlights, another old flashlight which prompted the previous find, Stephen Fry reviewing the Eco Media Player, another place to repair or recycle your iPod or game consoles, a white LED retro watch, a luggage store that looks like an aircraft interior, and a new cell phone game based on Magnum, P.I. And big, fat deals. I mean, like, orca fat.