Paintings of crime scene photos by Ashley Hope

Ashley Hope paints from crime scene photos. The images in this gallery depict murders of women. Snip from artist's statement:

There are certain moments in life when one experiences space and time to an excruciating degree. There are seconds — fleeting, momentous seconds — when the world seems relentlessly clear, and the very nature of existence graspable. When the moment passes, you think to yourself, "My God, I just saw it. It. The truth. What was it?" Although you are unable to define, the sensation of knowing stays with you. Most likely, the Real cannot be set in words, it is beyond words. Human tragedy is almost always accompanied by that glimpse of the Real.

Link to her website. Image: Laundry, 4' x 5', oil on panel, 2007. A debut solo exhibition is currently on display at New York's Tilton Gallery. (Thanks, Susannah Breslin, via rileydog)