Steve Jobs (and not Woz) to come to Epcot's Spaceship Earth

Disney is renovating the Spaceship Earth ride at Epcot Center and will include Steve Jobs (but not Steve Wozniak) in its animatronic depiction of the history of communications — but not Steve Wozniak, the pioneering hardware virtuoso who created the early Apple computers. Spaceship Earth — the ride in the giant silvery geodesic golf-ball at the gates of Epcot in Florida's Walt Disney World — is undergoing one of its periodic rebootings, as Disney struggles to keep up to date with the future (and to convince the advertisers who underwrite every ride and pavilion in Epcot to continue to shell out for that new-ride-smell).

What does sitting on the Board of Directors for the Walt Disney Company get you these days? How about a figure of yourself in a famous Disney attraction? Distant Creations blog is reporting that Apple computer co-creator Steve Jobs will appear in a scene in the recently renovated SpaceShip Earth attraction at Epcot depicting the creation of the first Apple computer in their garage.


(Thanks, John!)