New York Archdiocese's anti-pedophile coloring book


The New York Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic church has published comic book that depicts cute angels warning children never to be alone with an adult (which presumably includes priests).

At first glance, "Being Friends, Being Safe, Being Catholic" is what you'd expect from a Christian handout: lessons in loving thy neighbor and knowing we're all special in God's eyes, plus a fun word search with names of people whom kids can trust (parents, counselors, teachers). Many of the book's cartoon-sketch drawings, which were created by a church volunteer, are light in tone and narrated by an angel looming overhead. But on one page, the angel warns of an online predator–with chest hair exposed–who attempts to chat with a child; on another (shown above), the angel implies that children should make sure they're never alone in a room with a priest.

Link (Thanks, Neal!)