Starbucks sweepstakes requires Canadians to answer math question.

D says:

"A recent trip to Starbucks got me entered into a sweepstakes for $1000.00 USD. While perusing the sweepstakes rules, I came across are very amusing loophole in the rules that will make sure that any Canadian who wins must first pass a math test to claim their prize!

"The line is under section 4, about 10 lines down. It reads:"

If a resident of Canada is

selected as a winner, they will be required to correctly answer, without assistance of

any kind, whether mechanical or otherwise, a timed, mathematical skill-testing

question, to be administered by Marden- Kane, Inc. either by mail, telephone, e-mail,

or fax (at its sole discretion) before the awarding of the prize.

(I think Starbucks has to do this because maybe contests of pure chance aren't allowed in Canada? -- Mark)

Link to PDF of sweepstakes rules