Animatronic Steve Wozniak comes to Epcot Center ride, animatronic Steve Jobs nowhere in evidence

Last week, I blogged a story about the re-opening of the Spaceship Earth ride at Epcot Center, and the supposed inclusion of a Steve Jobs animatronic in the scene depicting the invention of the Apple Computer — and the omission of Steve Wozniak.

Looks like the rumor had it exactly backwards. Look at these photos of the newly opened Spaceship Earth: the scene in question appears to contain a robotic Steve Wozniak, leaving Steve Jobs out entirely. Where's Jobs? All around you, I suppose — he's the largest shareholder in Disney after all.


(Photo credit: Photo cropped from a larger pic at

Update: Confirmed! It's Woz — check out this referrer from an internal Disney blog pointing at the Lifthill post; the Disney blog post's title is "Boing Boing reports it correctly Wozniak at Spaceship Earth."