Strange, rare nocturnal animal caught on video

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For the first time, researchers captured video of this endangered little nocturnal mammal, the long-eared jerboa. Zoological Society of London (ZSL) scientist Jonathan Baillie led the team that collected footage of the elusive creature in Mongolia's Gobi desert. From the BBC News:

"These creatures hop just like a kangaroo; it is amazing to watch. Little hairs on their feet, almost like snow shoes, allow them to jump along the sand," (Baillie) explained.

"And in terms of mammals, they have one of the biggest ear-to-body ratios out there…"

"The long-eared jerboa is a bit like the Mickey Mouse of the desert, cute and comic in equal measure," Dr Baillie said…

"These amazing, remarkable creatures are on the verge of extinction and we know almost nothing about them."

Link (Thanks, Vann Hall!)