Drive-by coffee spitter arrested

Gary says: "A man has been arrested in Japan for carrying out 5 drive-by coffee spitting attacks on schoolgirl pedestrians. In all of the attacks, he spit coffee out his car window and into the faces of the girls before quickly driving away."

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The spitter, who was nicknamed "Coffee Bukake Man" [コーヒーぶっかけ男] by locals, had carried out 5 attacks since the end of October. All of his victims were junior high school or high school girls wearing their uniforms, and all of the attacks involved spitting coffee onto their faces from his car window. His final attack took place on December 7th, when a 16-year-old schoolgirl he spit on was able to come to her senses quickly enough to spot his license plate number and memorize it. This led to the arrest of 26 year-old Yoshiro Sumiyama, who admitted attacking the girls. Sumiyama told police that he was irritated after having been dumped by a woman and carried out the spitting attacks to relieve some stress.