KnitML: standards-defined knitting patterns

KnitML is a community standards effort aimed at defining a universal, machine- and human-readable system for describing knitting patterns:

* Render a pattern in either written directions or a chart, dependent on a preference setting
* Render a pattern in any language, using conventions familiar to that language and dialect
* Validate that a pattern is physically possible to knit (eliminating some types of errata)
* Automatically convert English measurements to and from metric measurements
* Size a pattern up or down to any size, not just the sizes that come with the pattern
* Recalculate a pattern for your gauge rather than the one that came with the pattern
* Explicitly write out mathematically complex directions (e.g., "increase 34 stitches evenly over 171 stiches")
* Alter the pattern using an easy-to-use graphical editor (or create new KnitML-based pattern from scratch)
* Preview the result of a pattern using graphics
* Integrate into your favorite knitting software (such as Sweater Wizard)
* Digitally sign the pattern to guarantee original authenticity


(via Making Light)