Brits! Petition for mandatory notification following data hemorrhages

Following the revelations earlier this month that Her Majesty's Customs and Revenue service had repeatedly lost the financial details of 25 million Britons, a new petition has sprung up calling on Parliament to pass a law making it mandatory for organisations to notify you right away after they lose your personal information:

The UK Government waited more than 10 days before telling Parliament and the Public it has accidentally lost sensitive personal details of 25 million individuals.

Under current US laws, the Government would have had to notify immediately.

The petition calls on the Prime Minister to place a legal duty on public and private sector organisations, so that affected customers are informed immediately if the security of their personal data has been compromised.

Individuals have a right to know straight away when this has occurred to protect against identify theft.

Mandatory notification would make organisations more careful and more accountable for the use of personal information.


UK tax-man repeatedly hemorrhages personal financial info of 25 MILLION Brits