Disney as a religion, the college course

John sez, "Jennifer Porter, a Canadian professor who has previously examined the spirituality of Star Trek, Trek fans, Buffy the Vampire, and other sci-fi worlds has turned her attention to the one true religion of Disneyism."

My current view is that Disneyism, as a religion, is a reality. But it's at an infantile stage (even though some would argue that it started with Walt's approval of the Mickey Mouse Club back in 1928 as a way to recruit young practitioners (aka, audience members for his cartoons). There are cathedrals (the theme parks), acolytes (myself, other Disney authors and subject matter authorities), and even worship meetings (NFFC groups, MouseFest, and online discussion boards).

Currently there is no written doctrine and no consensus among those core groups on exactly what the 'faith' and 'belief' of Disneyism involves. Like many religions it is a pretty personal faith defined by ones experiences with the subject. As a defined faith it clearly has a ways to go.


(Thanks, John!)