UK Police seize amateur photographer's film


Pete says

The police in Hull, UK, seized this guy's film because he was taking photo's of 'sensitive material' in a city center. He was apparently taking pictures of people in an attempt to learn 'street photography' techniques – something I do all the time (albeit with digital). No real explanation was given apart from 'complaints made by the public'.

After reading this, I'm tempted to get one of those wifi sd cards and send the photos online as I take them – much harder to confiscate then me thinks…

Excerpt from Amateur Photographer:

A spokeswoman for the force told Amateur Photographer: 'Camera film was seized by Humberside Police following a complaint from members of the public about photos being taken in the area of Prospect Centre, Hull.

'An investigation is now underway and we are aware of complaints made by the man [Steve Carroll] which will be thoroughly investigated.'