Wax cylinder xmas music MP3s

A wax-cylinder afficianado has produced a killer roundup of Christmas music digitized from the dead recording medium, all from the first couple-three decades of the twentieth century.

Last year I posted a series of entries entitled "Vintage Christmas Wax" which most folks were pretty happy about. Alas, several of the old links have expired. Rather than have everyone search for the active links, I decided to compile the remaining links into one simple post. So, once again, here is a collection of vintage wax recordings from the early 1900s through the late 1930s (my favorite continues to be Eddie Cantor). Many of these fantastic transfers are from The Antique Christmas Lights Museum. Others were sourced from The Cylinder Preservation & Digitization Project, Canada's Virtual Gramaphone, the Library & Archives Canada, The Library of Congress, The Edison National Historic Site, and the Internet Archive. Happy Holidays!!! NOTE: Some of the files may take some time to load.


(via Beyond the Beyond)