Wikiffiti — stickers that read [citation needed]

Matt says: "I recently started a culture jamming (Operation Mindfuck for Discordians) campaign that involves recontextualizing ads and signs — or anything that makes a dubious claim — using stickers with the [citation needed] tag found in Wikipedia articles. This blog post describes the project and has the first few pictures."

One of my favorite quirks about [Wikipedia] are the little [citation needed] tags that users can place in an article, indicating that a dubious claim needs a reference. One day an idea struck – what statements are more dubious or outright ridiculous than those in advertisements? Thus, an OM project was born. I had 250 8×2 inch stickers printed, which I handed out to friends, who circulated them further. In true wiki fashion, the final placement of the stickers is a collaborative effort, now distributed and anonymous. If anyone sees one somewhere, please make a photo! I've been tagging my photoset on Flickr with citationneeded and wikiffiti.