Howard Rheingold launches vlog

Howard Rheingold, one of the most astute thinkers about all things online, has launched a new video blog.

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It all started when I started thinking about updating A Slice of Life in My Virtual Community, which I wrote twenty years ago. It didn't take long to realize that a description of how I spend my time online these days would be conveyed more effectively via video/screencast than plain text. Once I got rolling, I realized that it would take more than one episode to show how and why I spend time reading RSS, scanning blogs, blogging, gardening wikis, posting in virtual communities, Twittering, teaching, etc. So the first month or so will feature episodes of A (re)Slice of Life Online. However, once I started including my indoor and outdoor offices in the videos, it occurred to me that I ought to explain something about the parts of my life that haven't been so v
isible to my readers — the painting, gardening, sculpting that are as important to me as the publishing activities that are most visible to others.

Don't expect it to be too polished, although I guarantee that production quality will improve over time. I'm hoping that all the frustrating details of cameras, cables, batteries, lights, microphones will become second nature to me and I'll begin to become fluent enough in video vernacular to include interviews with some of the more interesting people I encounter.

Howard Rheingold