Premier of Alberta threatens to sue blogging uni student for registering a domain with his name in it

Ryan sez, "Dave Cournoyer, a University of Alberta student and popular Alberta blogger, is being threatened with a lawsuit by Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach regarding the registration of the domain The Premier had failed to register the domain even four months after taking office."

The letter requests that I:

(a) make arrangements with my service provider by December 21, 2007, to ensure that the Website no longer forwards to the blog; and
(b) make arrangements to with my service provider and/or registrar to have the Website registered in their client's name.
(c) govern myself accordingly (I added this one).

If I chose not comply by their imposed deadline, the letter states that they "have been instructed by our client to commence litigation."

As someone who has never shied away from criticizing the 36-year old Progressive Conservative government, I have always faced harsh criticism from those who don't appreciate the views espoused on this blog or agree with my political beliefs. I accept this reality.


(Thanks, Ryan!)