Pirate Party leader talks strategy and tactics

P2P Consortium's interview with Rick Falkvinge, leader of the Swedish Pirate Party, is really meaty and interesting. Falkvinge devotes most of it to an incredibly frank discussion of the long-term strategy and tactics of the copyfight, where it will all go when 100/100mbit broadband is everywhere. This guy isn't (just) a bomb-throwing (metaphorically speaking) anarchist, he's a serious tactician and a sharp rhetorician, too:

What was remarkable was that this was the point where the enemy – forces that want to lock down culture and knowledge at the cost of total surveillance – realized they were under a serious attack, and mounted every piece of defense they could muster. For the first time, we saw everything they could bring to the battle.

And it was… nothing. Not even a fizzle. All they can say is "thief, we have our rights, we want our rights, nothing must change, we want more money, thief, thief, thief". And shove some poor artists in front of them to deliver the message. Whereas we are talking about scarcity vs. abundance, monopolies, the nature of property, 500-year historical perspectives on culture and knowledge, incentive structures, economic theory, disruptive technologies, etc. The difference in intellectual levels between the sides is astounding.


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